winFin ttld ittlettttIn celebration of UAE Children’s Day ’22 Finwin City Sports Academy (FCSA) organised a fun-filled event involving all the kids, parents, and staff of the academy on the 20th of November, at the Apple International School Grounds, in Al Qusasis, Dubai. The Finwin Children’s Day Celebration was a great success as kids gained tournament exposure, identified their true potential, and most importantly, had tons of fun!
The teams that battled it out in the Children’s Day Celebration in the UAE | Finwin Sports Academy Football & Cricket Tournaments were Finwin Green, Finwin Orange, and Finwin Blue.
The Finwin Football Academy¬† showed grit where they played their hearts out in the event’s football match with the guidance of our magnificent coaches.
Champions – Team Green
Runners Up – Team Orange
Best Striker – Mohamed Razeen
Best Goal Keeper – Mohamed Faizan
Player of the tournament – Zayaan Salay
The last league stage match of the Finwin Winter Cup was also held on the same day between Finwin Blue and Finwin Green, where in the end through incredible team effort Finwin Blue emerged victorious.
Best batsman – Zaidan Mohamed Ali Shaikh
Best bowler – Shayan Shams
There were fun events organized for the parents as well to spread the fun and competitiveness of sports.
Exciting gifts and trophies were presented to all players as well. The day ended in fellowship, awards, and tasty treats at the Children’s Day Celebration in the UAE | Finwin Sports Academy.
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