Coach Akmal Meedin, is a passionate and Level 1 qualified personal trainer, who specialises in enhancing an Athletes Functional Strength & Conditioning. And he believes that the Finwin CrossFit sessions can change adults lives!

His expertise spans across all sports, mainly due to the type of session, programs, and workouts he develops. Working with National and International level Athletes, coach Akmal specialises in: High performance of HIIT training (High intensity interval training sessions), Rugby, and CrossFit.

In 2019, coach Akmal started his coaching career back in Sri Lanka and overlooked 50+ athletes ranging from 15 – 35 years of age. He introduced a concept ‘Strength Camp’ that had great reach amongst the local athletes and fitness enthusiasts. His experience stems from when he trained School level athletes and empowered them to reach their fitness goals. Coach Akmal reached the next level, when he moved on to training adults and pro Athletes for them to gather the strength required for their physical and mental health.

Adapting to the global situation, Coach Akmal leveled up by introducing online during the pandemic. Since then he has continued to coach online and offline for clients in Sri Lanka and the UAE.

Coach Akmal’s main goal as a Fitness Coach is to increase an athlete’s performance and spread the importance of practicing physical health. He encourages adults of all ages to join the Finwin CrossFit sessions in Dubai as soon as possible!

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