CrossFit Training in Dubai is now available at Finwin City Sports Academy. Arshad Jamaldeen, a personal trainer and a CrossFit coach who started his CrossFit Journey in 2019 when he established TWJ in Sri Lanka to help many individuals achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. Arshad was a former National level Rugby player, and represented Sri Lanka in the XV’s & 7’s formats. He captained the Royal College Colombo rugby team in 2012.

Arshad has assisted and transformed over 100+ clients through one-to-one personal training, group classes, and Online coaching. The secret behind his quick success was the understanding the clients’ level and customising the right plan to suit their needs.

Furthermore, after identifying his love to training, Coach Arshad pursued his passion by completing the below accreditations and certifications.

According to coach Arshad, simply losing weight isn’t the end goal.  Rehabilitating injuries, preventing potential injuries, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and educating clients on how to make their hard work sustain in the long run should be the end goal. He encourages anyone to join the Finwin CrossFit sessions every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and experience the change they desire.

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