What to Look for in a Sports Academy in Dubai?

Dubai, a city that is very well known for its glitz and glamour, has also developed into a hub for sports enthusiasts who seek top-notch training and facilities. With a wide range of sports academies emerging, it can be a quite challenging task to choose the right one. Whether you are a young aspiring athlete […]

Finwin Basketball Academy | Head Coach

best basketball coach in dubai finwin basketball academy

Coach Naveed Halaldeen, is a Level 2 licensed Basketball Coach with over 10 years of experience and a proud baller with three championship trophies in Sri Lanka to his name and the Head Coach of the Finwin Basketball Academy. Since 2011, Coach Naveed, has groomed over 100 young ballers, both in Sri Lanka and the […]

Finwin CrossFit Training | Trainer

CrossFit Training in Dubai is now available at Finwin City Sports Academy. Arshad Jamaldeen, a personal trainer and a CrossFit coach who started his CrossFit Journey in 2019 when he established TWJ in Sri Lanka to help many individuals achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. Arshad was a former National level Rugby player, and represented […]

Dubai Corporate Football Tournament By Finwin Sports!

Finwin City Sports is an up-and-coming academy and sports event organizer that is taking over Dubai by storm!¬†Established earlier this year, Finwin City Sports Academy (FCSA) has already organized multiple successful events which includes the Ramadan Cup: Football and Cricket tournaments with the participation of over 15 teams in total and cash prizes for the […]